Hong Kong MX Assorted Cookies 36pcs

Hong Kong MX Assorted Cookies 36pcs

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Hong Kong MX Assorted Cookies (36pcs)

The brand new Assorted Cookies Gift Box is for you if you are looking for variety.  The Oat Cookies come with a generous helping of either raisins, perfect for those looking for a crunchy bite.  On the other hand, we have a Lemon Honey Cookie that balances the sweetness and acidity of the two ingredients, as well as a rich and aromatic coffee cookie.  Whichever one you choose, they will surely satisfy your palate and cravings.

Original Butter Cookie (8 pcs)

•        A classic treat created with supreme craftsmanship with French butter and fresh eggs for an unrivaled experience.

Chocolate Cookie (8 pcs)

•        Using French imported Cacao Barry’s cocoa powder, these cookies will melt any chocolate lover’s heart.

Oat Cookie with Raisin (5 pcs)

•        With plenty of oats and raisins for a crunchy bite and malty aromatics, this cookie contains no trans fat.

Hazelnut Cookie (5 pcs)

•        Using only Italian hazelnuts for the perfect crunch.

Coffee Cookie (5 pcs)

•        Coffee gives an extra kick to the cookie's sharp fragrance, making this delectable cookie a treat that will wake you up.

Lemon Honey Cookies

•        This cookie has a touch of citrus notes on top of its honey sweetness, making it a light and refreshing snack fit for the warmest of days.

Individually packed, 36 pcs/box, weighs approximately 244g/box

Made in Hong Kong