Hong Kong MX Mille Feuille Gift Set 18pcs

Hong Kong MX Mille Feuille Gift Set 18pcs

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Hong Kong MX Mille-Feuille Gift Set (19pcs)

Carefully crafted by our pastry masters, experience how 192 layers of puff pastry come together through a meticulous baking process with a touch of almonds or hazelnuts to become the treat we've come to love. Feast your eyes on the luxurious golden gift box adorned with a simple ribbon and savor the crunchiness and buttery fragrance biting into each Mille-Feuille.

Original Almond Mille-feuille (6 pcs)

•        After a refined crafting process, the 192 layers of puff pastry are completed with New Zealand butter and topped with almond slices of almonds to create a crispy, delicious treat.

Chocolate Flavor Mille-feuille (4 pcs)

•        The rich aroma of chocolate paired with almonds' fragrance creates the perfect flavor and texture for these mille-feuilles.

Hazelnut Mille-feuille (9 pcs)

•        Layers of pristine puff pastry paired with crushed hazelnuts - this treat boasts a heavenly texture.

Individually packed, 19 pcs/box, weighs approximately 202g/box

Made with New Zealand butter; no margarine, nor shortening.

Made in Hong Kong

Awarded 2023 Gold Medal of Monde Selection International Quality Award