Hong Kong MX Pastries Trio Deluxe (38pcs)

Hong Kong MX Pastries Trio Deluxe (38pcs)

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The MX Pastries Trio Deluxe is a delectable combination of special treats, all of them eager to please, including crowd favorites like our Butter Cookies, Almond Millie-Feuilles. and Hearty Butter Pastries. The new hyper pink packaging will put a smile on anyone's face, and the individual packaging makes it great for gifting.

Original Almond Mille-Feuille (3 pcs)

After a refined crafting process, the 192 layers of puff pastry are completed with New Zealand butter and topped with almond slices of almonds to create a crispy, delicious treat.

 Hazelnut Mille-Feuille (3 pcs)

Layers of pristine puff pastry paired with crushed hazelnuts - this treat boasts a heavenly texture.

 Original Hearty Butter Pastry (6 pcs)

•        Using only New Zealand butter and a specialized double-baked technique to create the perfect caramelized exterior, this treat is crusty outside and fluffy inside.

 Maple Syrup Flavor Hearty Butter Pasty (6 pcs)

•        Presenting the most classic cookie flavor using French butter and fresh eggs - experience the difference of mastery craftsmanship.

 Butter Cookie (10 pcs)

•        Nothing beats a classic cookie. Made with French butter and farm-fresh eggs, taste the difference and savor this delectable treat crafted by masters.

 Hazelnut Cookie (5 pcs)

•        Using Italian hazelnuts exclusively for a crunchy and flavorful cookie

 Macadamia Nut Cookie (5 pcs)

•        Made with Australian Macadamia Nuts, New Zealand butter, and farm-fresh eggs. Perfect for nut lovers.

 38 pcs/box, weighs approximately 331g/box


Made with New Zealand butter; no margarine, nor shortening.

 Made in Hong Kong


2)      美心三重奏禮盒 (38件裝)



薈萃美心的鬆脆滋味,一盒集齊多款特色的餅食,當中包括曲奇、杏仁條及甜心酥,款款香甜鬆脆;新包裝採用了亮麗的粉紅色,讓人眼前一亮;件件獨立包裝,絕對是送禮首選 !


原味杏仁條 (3)

•        經繁複的摺疊工序,配上紐西蘭牛油做出192層鬆脆酥皮,再鋪上片片杏仁,酥脆美味


榛子條 (3)

•        酥皮層次分明,配上榛子碎,口感豐富

原味甜心酥 (6)

•        以紐西蘭牛油製作,配上雙重烘焗技術烘製出焦糖外皮,外皮香脆,內層鬆化

楓糖味甜心酥 (6)

•        加入優質楓糖漿,讓甜蜜更有層次

牛油曲奇 (10)

•        經典曲奇口味,以全法國牛油及新鮮雞蛋製作,口味鬆化,誠獻大師手藝

榛子曲奇 (5)

•        採子意大利榛子,香脆十足

夏威夷果仁曲奇 (5)

•        採用澳洲夏威夷果仁,以全紐西蘭牛油及新鮮雞蛋製作,滿滿果仁滋味


每盒共38 (331)